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Zero learning curve. The fastest way to cheaper and better advertising in Google Ads. Fully automated, without agency fees.

What we do

We automate digital advertising.

Uptmz is super effective automated advertising, thanks to the smartest algorithms and 15 years of hands-on experience. It is a new way of advertising that does not require you to worry about, but of course you remain fully in control.

Bird's eye view

Discover everything you need in one dashboard

Only the data you want to see, without any advertising slang. Check if Uptmz offers you optimizations and what Uptmz did to improve your campaigns without the complexity and work hours.

for big spenders

A dashboard for deeper insights in your campaigns

Big advertisers automatically unlock the Uptmz reporting dashboard. When your business relies on digital advertising, Uptmz gives you the insights that you need.


Smart, powerful APIs

Want to build on our powerful APIs? No problem at all. With safe authentication you can manage your clients in your own code using the smart APIs of Uptmz.

the reason why

We set us apart from the traditional way of working. Easier and smarter.

Budget insight

A clear insight in your costs to make sure that you only pay for what you use.

48 hours set-up

Uptmz will be running in 48 hours after your sign-up so that you can scale your business.

Smart dashboard

We show the info that you need to get the best insight in your campaigns.

Reporting platform

When your campaigns run on a bigger budget, Uptmz will give you access to deeper insights.

Easy payments

You can find our invoices in your dashboard so you never lose overview on your costs.

24/7 optimisation

Our algoritmes our constantly improving your campaigns. Day and night.

We have had the opportunity to make a huge number of wedding cakes by using uptmz

Linda vreugdenhil
Owner, bakery Vreugdenhil
Our partners

Fully automated advertising for everyone

Uptmz is made for every company and for every budget. Our customers consist from local bakeries to big e-commerce stores. You are in good company.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An overview with frequently asked questions and the answers.

Active in online marketing since 2004. Together with 180 people strong, we work together with our clients, who spend millions of euros on online marketing. All the knowledge, systems, and algorithms from years of experience come together in Uptmz. Our software works as hard for one euro as for 15.000 a day. With that advantage, the small- and medium business market can compete on the highest level.
Everything after making your account is taken care off. Our algorithms decide everything for you, however, it’s also possible to login and help the algorithm. For example, by accepting or rejecting keywords.

No, we want to give you the freedom to choose adjust your budget whenever you want. Therefore, we don’t work with contracts

Definitely! We’ll recommend you to start with a minimum 2 or 3 months to get the best results. In most cases people will have a budget between €7,- and €13 a day for Google Ads. So the algorithm has enough time and space to check out which search terms works best for your website. You’ll also exclude any coincidence by receiving more or less clicks based on events like holidays or internet breakdowns.

You can get fully automated advertising from €28 per month. 
Want to offer Uptmz as an agency? In that case we have different conditions. Please contact sales.

What a shame! We’re hearing this a few times every year from clients who did use Uptmz before. The most common cause is that people are overloaded with options to adjust in Google Ads. That’s why we started Uptmz: to take care of all the difficulties of advertising through AI. With Uptmz, your ad will only show up to the right person, on the right time, with the right ad texts. Thus, increasing your chance of success.

No problem at all! To make a connection between the excisting Google Ads account and Uptmz we only need a 10 digits Google ADs-ID number. Uptmz will after acceptance manager your account. After our algorithms are working, you don’t have to login to Google Ads no more.

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