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"Our mission is to save half of the Netherlands from obesity. Today that starts with online visibility. Since Uptmz started managing our campaigns, requests from existing and new clients have more than doubled. Not only is this great for business, but it brings us closer to achieving our mission."
The challenge
Already since 2015, deployed Google Ads to generate additional website visitors and members. In the three months before Uptmz joined (Jan, Feb, Mar 2020), the account achieved 133 conversions at a CPA of €66.26. This CPA was not profitable enough for Nederland Slank. The challenge was to be more cost efficient and achieve more conversions for less cost and a cost savings by automating the account management.
The approach
By restructuring the campaigns, ad relevance has been increased and the right search terms are being targeted. In addition, the average cost has increased, but because of this, better positions have been taken to achieve more relevant and converting visits. This new structure is managed by the automation of the Uptmz tool. By adjusting budgets, adding and excluding keywords on a daily basis, this ensures a cost-effective result.
The result
The account is 100% automated, but the client remains in control of the budget and focus of the campaigns through the tool. The use of Uptmz provides more relevant and cost-effective results. This can be seen, among other things, in the huge drop in CPA to €14.39.
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Cost per conversion
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