Automated advertising

Automated advertising

This is why you should use automated advertising software

Everyone is aware that advertising in the Google Search Engine can give a massive boost to your online business. As this advertising space gets more and more crowded, companies are experimenting more than ever to find ways to increase their return on investments.
Too Many Variables!
If used correctly, Google Ads can be a handy tool. Which raises the question: How exactly do you use Ads correctly? Google allows you to add your keywords and to bid on them at specific times for specific locations. However, when misconfigured, these settings can do more harm than good for your campaign.
Google tries to solve this problem for business owners by adding the smart campaign feature to its Ads platform. This feature allows you to create a campaign in just a few button clicks. After that, Google takes care of the maintenance for you. But, the lack of control does come at a cost as it doesn't allow you to tailor your campaign. For example, if 10 Yoga businesses decide to run a smart campaign, you're unlikely to maximize your return on investment, as all settings are most likely close to equal for all these Yoga businesses. So there is no leader.
Becoming A Leader
So what if you're one of those 10 businesses and decide to run a manual Google Ads campaign? If configured right, you have a chance to become a leader and maximize your return on ad spend. But, there is no way for you to know if, how, and what businesses are advertising. So unless you are willing to invest thousands of hours in training to become a SEA expert, you are unlikely to capitalize on your ad spend. But, there is something new so that you can maximize your conversions, leads, and website traffic using Google Ads with minimal effort.
AI Gives You More Bang For Your Buck
In short, AI-empowered advertising allows you to precisely just do that: Maximizing Google Ads results with minimal (human!) effort. After years of industry experience for A-level brands in The Netherlands, Adeptiv B.V. created an algorithm to automatically manage Google Ads campaigns. This tool is called Uptmz.
Uptmz allows business owners to do what they are good at, namely, running their own business instead of SEA campaigns. The algorithm automatically creates text advertisements based on the organization's website. The algorithm will then automatically bid on keywords at the right moment in time, for the right demographics. This allows maximum return on investment as every decision made by the algorithm is based on factual data that can be found in Google Ads.
Big brands are using similar algorithms too. For example, have you ever wondered why Amazon is always present with an advertisement when you Google specific products? Algorithms are the answer, even businesses like Amazon recognized that managing one's own campaigns is out of their core business and too time-intensive. So, what are you waiting for? Step it up & Start automating your Google Ads today!

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